It is time for a Global Marshall Plan to save what's left of our planet. Its high time to completely TERMINATE the global-military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. Currently, as of 2017, up to 2 TRILLION US dollars are being wasted annually on building and maintaining a criminal global corporate War Machine designed to kill and maim our fellow planetary citizens. This has got to STOP immediately. Rather, we need to re-direct these funds into building and creating a Global Green/Sustainable World Order for Mankind. In the USA, there is absolutely NO PLACE for a fully militarized fascist American police state. The US Military, the Pentagon, the NSA, the Dept of Homeland Security and the whole slew of corporate defense contractors and governmental alphabet-bet soup "national security" agencies and institutions need to be completely TERMINATED. The entire corporate and governmental infrastructure of America needs to be re-oriented towards meeting the international ENVIRONMENTAL security needs and threats of a world civilization that is rapidly spinning out of control and in great danger of exterminating itself. A Global Marshall Plan will re-direct funds, talent, vision and infrastructure away from the ways of death, destruction, killing and eugenics programs and, instead, re-orient those assets towards a central organizing principle based on life, caring, nuturance, comprehensive and intelligent earth security, coherent environmental stewardship and an advanced administration of wise planet management.